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MARIO – Concierge & Private Sales

Telephone: (868) 674-9191 ext.1155
Cell: (868) 678-5829
Store Cell: (868) 303-WINE 9463

Email: manager@naughtygrapett.com

At the Naughty Grape, one name is synonymous with impeccable and personalized service – Mario. Since opening our doors in 2010, Mario has been a constant and welcoming face greeting our customers and ensuring that their every need is met.

Though The Naughty Grape or TNG as we fondly refer to our store has been in operation for nearly 11 years, Mario has been a part of our parent Company since 1997.  Having worked a number of roles throughout his tenure, there is one certain passion that has emerged which is serving customers and beyond that, creating an exceptional experience.

His next passion is, of course, wines & spirits. Having had the privilege of visiting the Barton & Guestier Winery in France in 2014 reinforced his love for the industry that we work in. Mario’s repertoire for all things spirits & wines is unrivaled. When in doubt, you can rely on Mario to help you find exactly what you need (or what you never thought you needed).

The Concierge Service that Mario provides is unique to our business and ensures that you, our treasured customers, are being treated by the best that we have to offer. Mario ensures that your needs are being taken care of, from a top-up of your favorite spirit or wine (which we assure you he has memorized) to making suggestions based on your tastes. Not sure what gift to get for someone or need a suggestion based on a dinner menu or special occasion, he’s got you covered.

Why not give Mario a call and see firsthand what he can do for you? We feel confident that The Concierge will be on speed dial.


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